I Actually Didn't Laugh

JJ Olatunji

JJ Olatunji

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    New song with Anne Marie & DFA - lnk.to/DontPlay

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    1. gamers55

      The thumbnail exposed you

    2. smiledmicrobe09

      Why don't u react 2 corpses musics

    3. xoogle zx

      He never activate windows😄

    4. Charming nowhere to hide

      The steep hook simplistically harm because organ overwhelmingly terrify among a sour spoon. depressed, cowardly harp

    5. Heeqo


    6. elixlrs

      Trial and Error

    7. Rusty Mate


    8. ParadoxBian

      Activate windows

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Your awesome?

    9. DJJ


    10. Brayden Vaughan

      But it’s still enjoying that JJ thinks he didn’t laugh although he smiled like so many times

    11. Brayden Vaughan

      I still wonder why ppl watch this trash video tbh

    12. Austin Bruce

      0:18 I’m pretty sure that was a laugh

    13. Glub the fish

      Nah u heard him he got ńiguez

    14. Harsh John

      Here to cross-check if he actually didn't laugh.

    15. 200kcoolguybry._

      Bro I made my stomach and my cheeks hurt so much after 10:14

    16. Faze Jarvis

      My Bro

    17. noah richart

      I thought u were ksi

    18. Aldo Delellis

      He said “blue balls i know that feeling yup” “/🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Lewis Scherdt

      Mommy I’ve shit my pants 😂😂😂😂

    20. Subarashi -

      whats your monthly listeners m8?

    21. Dang

      he really thinks he completed it how sad

    22. SlothAdventures

      You look like ksi

    23. Galaxy

      I got niggazzz

    24. Deathaxe798

      Took long anough

    25. E-Series

      Title: I actually didn't laugh His views: 📉📉📉📉📉

    26. Lynzxy

      1:18 Hahaha 😂 Idec that's funny and no u can't call me racist 4 dat fam.

    27. Jackson Banda

      you can tell by the beginning of the video where jj was saying he’s actually not going to laugh that this video is capp💀💀

    28. Eduardo Cardona Gomez

      Pin this if u appreciate ur fans

    29. ꧁mrbloxy꧂

      I hate the fact that ksi in the new video says "not even a, heh" Clearly at 5:18 he does that so he did lose lol.

    30. zorbie guy

      Song at 8:04 pleez

    31. Zyl Esco

      A C T I V A T E W I N D O W S Y A F * C K

    32. Titanium Fox

      If you do something today can it be subscribing to me and liking my videos if you enjoyed. Enjoy your day

    33. MEE YOS

      1:19 !!!!!!!

    34. Natsu Dragneel

      Bruh u didn’t laugh so boring big oof

    35. 6ix9nin


    36. no never

      did no one hear 5:05

    37. LizFnm

      Bruh 0:15 you lost

    38. Usman Muhammad

      JJ: Doesn't laugh Everyone: *"wait, that's illegal"*

      1. Mr. Student

        Low effort comment

    39. Bailey Bigham

      JJ at the end: " Hold it Hold it" JJ's mind: let me cut the video now becuase I'm about to laugh 😂

    40. Nikolas Gaming

      Finally bro took you long enouh

    41. Halli HARRIS

      Holy shot🤣

    42. Halli HARRIS

      Mr Jonson 🤣

    43. Jafeer Sameer

      I’m Muslim

    44. Hype

      "Auntie you are lying"

    45. Daddy Johnny

      I Love You Daddy

      1. Daddy Johnny

        I thikn aboute you all the time

    46. Kueni Noue

      i liked

    47. Xdgladiatir

      how many subs can i get off this current 102

    48. Cooper Symonds


    49. Trevor BW

      U cut the video

    50. FireBest59

      10:47 notice when he’s about to laugh he edited the video

    51. Azoz Ali

      But...That’s illegal

    52. Eathan Irwin

      The steep hook simplistically harm because organ overwhelmingly terrify among a sour spoon. depressed, cowardly harp

    53. Jeriod Mathis

      I got niggAs

    54. Noeru

      is this ksi

    55. Twikify

      JJ you had not laughed once. I have only laughed when you laugh. Not actually me laughing at the video

    56. ITSJosh _YT

      Ksi??is that you?Oh boy jake paul gunna beat the shit out of you watch out

    57. Crispy Pranks

      I can’t believe the guy that laughed at a chair for 2 minutes didn’t laugh at this compilation.

      1. Hi!

        Actually he didn't really laugh at it on purpose, he was fake-laughing at it to make us laugh.

    58. Alex Boki

      Bruh KSI ruined the PS5 vs Xbox series X while he was laughing

    59. Testing

    60. خالد العازمي

      ردد معي ولَك الاجر إن شاء الله سبحان الله(٣) الحمدلله.(٣) لاإله الاالله.(٣) الله اكبر.(٣) لاحول ولاقوه الا بالله.(٣) اللهم صَل وسلم على محمد و على ال محمد.(٣) سبحان الله وبحمده.(٣) سبحان الله العظيم.(٣) استغفر الله العظيم وأتوب اليه.(٣) استغفر الله.(٣) أستغفر الله الذي لا إله إلا هو الحي القيوم وأتوب إليه (٣) اللهم اعتق رقابنا من النار .(٣) لا اله الا انت سبحانك أني كنت من الظالمين.(٣) حسبي الله لا اله الا هو عليه توكلت وهو رب العرش العظيم(٣) سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته (٣) اللهم انك عفو تحب العفو فاعف عنا(٣)

    61. Katie Platton

      he does a little giggle in the intro

    62. VKxVengeance

      Man full on went to mo beforehand and said pick shitters to then expose him saying his batch was shit after

    63. Justin Caceres


    64. Lucid Dreamsz

      That Facebook song was acc sick 😂

    65. Big boy 19 Brinkley

      1:20 saving for myself

    66. Kai 03

      Vikk singing Despacito was all I needed to see today

    67. Jassim Khan

      U fucking said ps3 sucks and nw ps4 sucks

    68. Sazzad Hossain

      Sky to believe in better

    69. Kwakify

      He prolly cut the parts where he laughed tbh I WISH HE DIDNT!

    70. Dani Ash

      Thought u were da baby🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

    71. Dj Techo

      7:40 she looks like Adriana Checkilcik

    72. Unknown Person

      is it just me or does he say "hey whats going on its ya boi ksi lgbtq"

    73. Dylan_Carr20

      bro hoow come he doesnt laugh at funny stuff and then laughs and unfunny stuff

    74. yoobster

      How many subs can I get off this comment? Current: 448

    75. M4st3r Matth3u

      I like how he still hasn't activated widows

    76. Gangstar


    77. Christopher Baldwin

      xbox had crash

    78. Fenya

      The legends say the man is still shaking his hand

    79. Lazar Djordjevic

      bro i died on 10:30

    80. Sekk1

      ganna sub now he won his challange.....

    81. WildBearFilms

      7:34 Rahh, nobody form the US says "Where abouts?" thats a british thing, she outed herself a long time before he did.

    82. abul hasan suliman

      Proud man

    83. CBPilot

      Not going to lie I love to the second one I have a scuffed sense of humor just hearing someone he's probably younger than 10 say that

    84. ÖMER

      yazık kafana.


      They weren’t funny tho

    86. Jakub Rejfek

      the balls it hurt like 5 days tf 😂

    87. Jakub Rejfek

      The balls yea i know that feeling too, oh oh yea the ArM

    88. bowen voowy

      1:19 I’m black and I’m not even offended I just laughed my head off

      1. richard f

        "I'm black" Yes your pfp tells me that your definitely black you bot

    89. Vladimir Piliarik

      Im proud of you. You did not laugh on guy singin messages. I lost. That Thsnks part? Had to rewind like 6 times 😂😂😂😂😂

    90. yeboiearl

      this is rlly boring without jj laughing

    91. Vikramjit Singh

      i liked the video before i even started watching

    92. Xyroń - PUBG Mobile

      3:13 bruhhhh

    93. Xyroń - PUBG Mobile

      I only laugh when KSI laugh

    94. Stoodart Official

      I have a soccer coach that sounds just like you Also I think Xbox Is better than the Pitiful shit 5

    95. Umesh Joshi

      HOLY SHOT!!! He actually didn't laugh tho 😂

    96. Oreoラ

      9:44 Bro, I swear it said "Speaking despacito" on captions.

    97. Jake be freitas

      I though they were in a car 2:55

    98. 100K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

      people watching this like: -in bed -not in a full screen -reading comments

      1. maaz Imran

        Everything correct expect I am laying in a sofa

      2. VI VON ZULUL


      3. yoobster

        How many subs can I get off this comment? Current: 448

      4. C. J.

        No I’m eating lunch in the kitchen and I’m sitting on a broken chair

      5. Ca1eb

        Here before this gets 1000 likes. I just got creeped the f*ck out.