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  1. idrees rauf

    Qaurintine be like 2021-2099

  2. It's Ravex

    Man ,my legs were shaking so bad. I'm terrified .

  3. Desmond Osato

    fam who is going to tell jj that the smash or pass was edited and the actually she actually said smash to jj

  4. Donovan Underwood

    "Bitch your gonna lose" wins that was really hilarious that I was there to watch the fight u flew from America to London just to see Ksi win and I was NOT dissapointed

  5. Dylan Landsbury

    Anyone else get really gassed when he was about to do it

  6. Saud

    You already know hes going to laugh before you see the video

  7. Khaled the beast

    4:55 he was speaking arabic

  8. Jolt hunter 72

    Why don’t you just buy regular masks it’s better

  9. K Vikas

    🤣🤣🤣🤣I laughed a lot

  10. ThCrimReefer 17

    "You won't you've changed"

  11. Muhammad Abou-Eid

    What ever happened to the AFL one

  12. Ryan Grady

    Ksi always wins Ksi vs Deji Winner: Ksi

  13. rj just dancing

    Ksi is so funny when he laughing 😂😂😂

  14. Mckenzie Amoatwo-Jacobs

    Ghana my country

  15. Cameron Ennis

    Rip Anastasia knight

  16. Alief Official

    I know i am not the only one that is going to say pass on myself right?

  17. Argenis Gonzales

    Reasons why jjis best

  18. Tobben 33b

    Thanks man. Downvotes the post 9:19

  19. Winzy2k

    On behalf of the gaming community I have to say this “watching jj is more painful than getting punched”

  20. Kayden Bester

    this was on my birthday

  21. Sami Ali

    Ksi should do a day in life

  22. Itz_JustVibez

    He’s so loud, but funny as hell 🤣

  23. TobiasM

    1% drug 10% stupid questions 89% penis

  24. Joshua fyb

    The cell gta meme the funniest one

  25. CrypticcFN

    lost it at 3:56 4:17 earrape warning Btw guys thanks for 1 like

  26. Im Zeno

    Just go watch memes for imdonai them bitches hitttters

  27. Everything Amazing

    Who hasn't been there saying that I'm gonna kill my whole family or run away

  28. GaneshFF

    I AM From india

  29. GaneshFF

    I Am From India

  30. Zaid Alfaham


  31. Mooisd

    Ohio fried chicken

  32. IAmSpidey _

    Poppin would be a better song without Lil Pump

  33. Tadala Kotamo

    Why was there a manscaped advert right before KSI was talking about shaving his arse *crying*

  34. Kieran Cattle

    That black man that was a fack ksi is actually dangmattsmith

  35. Xaitz FN

    That dog what chased the kid I have that dog in white

  36. {O-T}

  37. Tane Wilmott

    Ayo JJs nose look like mr potato heads.

  38. Beans 4breakfeast

    The laugh fucking works

  39. Chinky Grace Naguio

    9:06 To be continued........


    JJ: Having big ego REDDIT- oi FAT KSI

  41. Botzy —_—

    The real challenge is don’t laugh at jj’s laugh

  42. mixakis

    Thank god he hasnt lost his humor

  43. Panda_ Kenny

    Can u give me a shout-out. I am a two year subscriber. Panda_ Kenny

  44. beast GAMER


  45. Craig

    0:09 it predicted jjs red hair lol

  46. Obieze Akalugwu

    Ksi showing his mask Me:looks don't change anything a mask is a mask

  47. Tane Wilmott

    That ass be Simons.

  48. Magnus Hegg

    Who the fuck is Callux?

  49. Abdo Loubachi

    KSSimon 0:01

  50. Rifoz

    Arent those fouseytube supporters

  51. iAngelYT 5

    give me da n word pass

  52. The Blue Phoenix

    Did anyone else notice how he said myselth at the end of the video

  53. Luis Jara

    JJ: A comet might come fuck us up Covid: :3

  54. Aze_ StormKnight

    Ricegum, the shittiest actor in the world

  55. VaShawn Wood


    1. VaShawn Wood

      Black people , trying to act black??? I hate this nigga saying nigger.... cut it out?

  56. Mbulelo Dabula


  57. CADE

    5:10 is he jhon Cena's father 😂😂

  58. Gulivar

    Well technically vik is brown can't he say the n word ?? Im confused cus im brown too

  59. Braydin Toia

    What’s a ricecum?

  60. S T R I N K

    **about to laugh *see's camera lens *stops laughing*

  61. Immannuel Tessema

    R we gonna ignore the fact that shaq called him kfc

  62. Shofwan

    Why JJ is sooooo funny

  63. Lol Bro cringe lol

    I got KSI’s new sing as ad on his own vid

  64. Kanji

    To the one who finds this comment, stay hopeful

  65. VikingRaider665

    Bro that end was fucking amazing lmao.

  66. TheRepenter

  67. Micah Skiles

    What is this fight he can’t stand up to a teddy bear

  68. SparkEagle 2005

    its a dude 7:12 XD

  69. KyRoZz Bgs

    Dont you ever do that intro again

  70. S T R I N K

    Virgins give a like , i'm human i'll not live longer than 100 years

  71. Kishlay 1903

    Omg zerkaa(josh)'s lost twin sister 1:57 😱

  72. Amalie Audios

    2021 gang

  73. Mr.Kenos

    Uhhh Ricescum

  74. Johnathan Sokl

    The proud sailboat traditionally fear because paint ironically chase vice a hurt appendix. alike, exotic pillow

  75. Vixy Eu Ψ

    A1.2funny is jokes

  76. Ben Morrow

    They all British they was your fans first

  77. Muhd aidil Mohd azizan

    iTs DaT a FeMaLe GiRl....

  78. zeruul

    you should make a mediashare to make the ylyl challenge harder

  79. Zekeria Said

    What is the difference between charli and KSI? KSI is black on the outside

  80. Kava Is Making

    10:58 😁